Tax-payer versus Investor Citizen

In order turn the nation-state into a virtual company, the author proposes a new concept called National Equity to be created by commoditizing the economic potentials of the nation-state. All adult wage-earners who contribute to the National Insurance in the UK or Social Security in the US will be eligible for this scheme and therefore their contributions can be used to purchase the NE shares called GRASS. If at least 5% to 10% of the individuals’ earnings plus NI or SS contribution is invested into buying the National Equity (NE) instead of paying income tax, wage-earners would be extremely delighted. High-earners would be still paying a Wealth Equalization Tax (on earnings above the threshold level) in addition to the NE and NI contributions they make.  

Therefore, all NI or SS contributing citizens are shareholders of the GRASS Fund which is expected to generate profits to be offered as dividends based on the GDP growth rate as a minimum. The dividend is however reinvested to buy new GRASS equity. This group of Class A shareholders can only sell their shares at retirement to be invested in an annuity-like Treasury sponsored Social Security Fund.