Global Economic and Public Policy Framework

A Policy Blueprint for Nation-states,

Transnational Corporations, and Multilateral Organizations

The focus of the book is mainly on six major areas of global economic and public policy issues and the accompanying policy propositions. For some readers, however, the innovative and unorthodox policy propositions would sound radical and seem rather like science-fiction at times in characteristics. But they are not mere fantasies or dreams; a few courageous leaders with a vision and determination can make them happen. The key issues of concern which the propositions are aimed at addressing covers the following:

  1. The growing influence of the transnational corporations and the role that they should play in the process of globalization as well as how they should be run in the future.
  2. The nature of the global financial system that is in crisis, ballooning sovereign debt crisis, and the swinging foreign exchange rates as well as its role in creating a fair and stabilized world trade and how it should be conducted.
  3. The problems of the nation-states that are characterized by having ballooning national debt and widening current budget deficit leading to creating unstable economic and social conditions as well as how such problems should be tackled when the national revenue is increasingly becoming little.
  4. The nature and the type of key public policy issues at national level that require innovative and appropriate public programs and how they can be implemented effectively and efficiently.
  5. The validity and efficacy of the existing party-political system that is considered obsolete and the institutions of governance at the national level and how we can address these issues.
  6. The failing status of the international politics and the issues of global affairs and how the multilateral organizations and institutions, including the UN and the Security Council can be reformed and restructured to meet the changing needs.