New: Latest addition to GEPPI series by Nazimudeen Saleem

20. Feb, 2017

Sovereign Debt Crisis and Economic Sustainability

The revised version of the above book has been published in February 2017 and is available from Amazon, both in print form (paper back) and in Kindle. and Author page:

Author Profile: Nazimudeen Saleem

The first book in the series, 'Global Economic and Public Policy Framework' was published in 2007 and a revised version was released in 2011. The author had been working on this book for over six years since he first conceived some of the innovative ideas found in the book during his time as an academic at Sheffield Hallam University.

While at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey, as an expatriate lecturer, author was able to find some spare hours to spend writing the book. Although the title of the book had something to do with the new millennium, it did eventually turn out to be on the global agenda of economic and public policy issues.

Driven by his career interest in education management, the author was also able to foresee the forthcoming trends in higher education such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and in January 2014, he was able to add another short book to the series under the title 'The MOOCs in Higher Education: DIY Degrees and Diplomas'.

The latest addition to the GEPPI series was his book on the critical issues of sovereign debt with which several developed economies, including the USA and UK are struggling to cope up with and find it difficult to attain econimc sustainability. The latest book titled 'Sovereign Debt Crisis and Economic Sustainability' claims that the Western economies are heading for a diasater and an end to the Western economic hegemoney is much nearer than we thought. 

In addition to the GEPPI series, Saleem has written other books which the reader can find in his other website His latest releases are: 'Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention Strategy' and 'Managing Personal Affaires and Responsibilities'.

Saleem has spent most of his working life as an academic and a marketing professional in more than five different countries. He has a Masters degree in urban affairs and public policy from Virginia Tech and an M Phil from School of Planning, Oxford Brookes University. He is also a qualified Marketing professional and a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. As an academic, he has spent for over ten years teaching business and management related courses, including tourism and hospitality management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in more than three countries, including the UK. For another ten years, he has been working both as an academic and in education management. Saleem now lives in London with his wife and family. While lecturing and engaging in education management as well as in consultancy, he is currently busy formulating a strategy for promoting the policy propositions that the reader finds in his books. 

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